Arya Lingga Manik Corp


PT. Arya Lingga Manik was established in 2004 by Ir. Made Prabawa Lingga. His very first project was the Housing Complex in Sangiang, Tangerang and followed by the second project in 2005 located at Jurumudi Tangerang which is a small bussiness centre. The plan to provide houses was continued to Panorama Serpong in 2007 and In the middle of 2009 He decided to build another housing complex in Griya Satria Pesona in Bekasi.

At the same year of building Griya Satria Pesona, he also decided to build Fertilizer factory in Sukabumi, Jawa Barat. Located in 3 different places which are Desa Cijangkar, Desa Neglasari & Desa Cijurey Kecamatan Nyalindung-Kabupaten Dati II Sukabumi Jawa Barat covering about 50 ha area.

In 2011 PT. Arya Lingga Manik began to start another business beside its property which were Iron ore and coal mining in Central Kalimantan.  The sites owes by PT. Arya Lingga Manik is about 20 ha and provides 15.000 mt ready stock of iron ore supply

PT. Arya Lingga Manik is also in Banking business and Money Changer who started earlier before its property and mining business. BPR Hariarta Sedana, located in Jurumudi Tangerang and Puri Bali Indah Valas which is located in Soekarno Hatta International Airport are two companies under PT. Arya Lingga Manik corp.